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   Art inside a rural public market is uncommon but this is also our attempt at cultivating a more heterogeneous art world - an ever-growing elastic space that also grows with our collective consciousness and inclusion.

   The two-day event also included immersively-designed gatherings that involved the locals such as contests, performances, and workshops encompassing social entrepreneurship, creative design, food sovereignty, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation.


   This was in collaboration with the local goverment of Barotac Viejo and their municipal Tourism office.

   To uphold the importance of traditional markets in a time when new commercial and foreign-funded big airconditioned shops and businesses invade even the smaller and sleepier towns, we intended to highlight portraits of the oldest active vendors in Barotac Viejo  public market.

  Every mural was done by artivists from various art styles and disciplines while they met in a common place of impact storytelling - depicting the life, contribution, and memories of the local vendors like Nang Maria, Lolo Rudy, Nay Luisa, etc.

Artivism[MarkaMerkado] poster.jpg
Lola Maria
We have chosen to paint Nang Maria, the oldest manug ibos and manug suman sapay who is still actively selling in the public market of Barotac Viejo until today. She is 74 years old.
To us, she signifies the daily commitment of our local vendors to wake up and contribute in the local economy and the dignified lives of their families. Moreover, we admire Nang Maria's silent way of keeping our native delicacies alive. She and the few remaining kakanin vendors in the public market are our own culinary culture bearers. She has also taught other younger women how to make these old time favorites so they can have their source of income.
lola mering.jpg
Lola Mering
This face is 85 years old. She is one of the two oldest (with Lola Emma) malam-an/ maram-an vendors in our public market.

Mama, nga-nga or betel nut chewing is a dying culture in this part of the country. It is also a dying trade.

We're grateful for people like Lola Mering who have kept it alive.
Pitik Photography Contest
We sent out an open invitation to local students from Barotac Viejo to join our photography
cnntest with the theme, “Merkado Publiko sang Barotac Viejo, bugal ko”



Cooking Contest
Artivism 3 mini poster [cooking]_V02.jpg
Our open invitation for local cooking enthusiasts was well received and  and interesting mix of
participants prepared their local dish on the spot, We required them to only use all natural, locally-sourced ingredients.

Pakbet, apan-apan, and insilada nga nangka were among the dishes served.

The aim of this segment is to highlight food security by supporting local produce vendors and embracing healthy simple menus in our culture.


Tricycle Decoration Competition
Using recycables and indigenous materials, participants decorated their tricycles to express their creativity and to highlight whatever theme they have in mind. Most of them retold the nativity scene and others have put emphasis on the energy of the valuable daily public trasnportation, the trike.
Artivism 3 mini poster [Tricycle]
Catherine Villalobos-Taleon
Catherine Villalobos Taleon is the owner of Balay Tablea, a community-based enterprise advocating cacao farming, fair trade, and local culture.

She is also passionate about dog adoption, mentoring young SME owners, and social justice.
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Riza Ornos
A wonder junkie with a gypsy heart. Riza thrives on new experiences and soulful connections. Armed with insatiable curiosity she treads through life finding joy and purpose in protecting Mother Nature. She is EarthingPH’s queen mermaid and Co-founder.
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Eco-Design Workshop and Fashion Show
Artivism 3 mini poster [ukay]_V02.jpg
This part of the program included an eco-fashion workshop with artist, environmental activist, and fashion designer, Marvin Monfort.

The creations done by the participants were then presented in the culminating program.
Day 1 Performers
Day 2 Performers
Julien Apil
Sanny Lyn Delfin
Fionalyn Villagracia
Lady Kyla Balibagoso
Erich Marie Mendoza
Romeo Decida​
​Raz Salvarita
Kyla Buenavista
Romer Superio
Jelyn Acanto
Shane Marinette Alamon
Jeff Escoliada
Hannah May Lumampao
Mary rose Baldostamon
Merkado Kids
Schunt Sotero
Maharlika Bahandi
Paul Gumban
Momo Dalisay
Andrea Rose Badiango
Kriskah Dumaraog
Miguel Antonio Davao
Jhon Paul Albarado
Joenard Albarado
Gha-gha Fernandez
Shekeron Batu
Mr. Benny
BVNHS Grade 10 Star (2019)
Kyle Dile
Hazel Dicar
Philline Dicar
Therese Brasileno
Sidney of Peace Corps
Israh Dayalo

Angel Faith Balincuacas
Mark Vincent Omega
Jojo Batiller

Yoyoy Timbad
Elle Divine
Tiko  Batiller
Jayce Boco

Mart Angelo Abela
Pam Reyes
Therese Brasileno

Merkado Kids
BVNHS-SPA Visual Arts



Summary Video by Artivism.iloilo
Lola Dinya
Lola Dinya is one of the oldest fish, seashells and seaweeds vendors in Barotac Viejo market. Her buoyant spirit exudes with her beautiful skirts and bestidas and her love for dancing while interacting with customers. 
Ron Matthews Espinosa
Ron Matthews Espinosa is an Interior Designer by profession, he focuses on designing spaces of the stage and film as a production designer. A theater scholar of University of San Agustin then eventually linked Theater and Visual arts in his progression. During his Senior year, Ron was appointed as a company lead in creating theater productions that extends and addresses the issues of the community; a children’s play that integrates solid waste management, Neo-Philippines setting of extrajudicial killings, and imagine|a|nation - a series of plays that reflects, reach out and reassure after Typhoon Yolanda. In between he found interest in graphic illustrations and digital art as a new medium delivering it to the online platform.
Lolo Rudy
Barotacnon kids bought goodies from Lolo Rudy to elevate their world of play and frolic. Though he was born unable to run or move a lot, it is through him that many of us were able to enjoy our childhood by running, jumping, and being with each other.
Lola Luisa
Being the oldest yet still active vegetables and root crops vendor, Lola Luisa is also a Mother figure to younger veggies stall owners and sellers. She lives in Purok Paghidaet. 
Margaux Blas
Margaux BLas has been involved with art for as long as she can remember, having grown up surrounded and inspired by nature in hometown in northern Iloilo.

A strong advocate for individuality, her solid grasp of art and design is apparent through her personal style. She holds a high
regard for the natural world, the ocean and its mysteries, and firmly believes that silence makes the loudest noise.
Lola Erlita
lola erlita.png
Lola Erlita was quite shy during our community survey and interview. Her husband encouraged her to say yes. He truly believed she deserves the tribute. She has been selling dried fish and other dried seafood for decades.
Raz Salvarita
Ra’z is a multi-disciplinary artist, community arts organizer and “soul farmer”. His creative community endeavours has spanned more than two decades – working on arts and culture, nature conservation, and community development. He graduated with a degree in journalism at Silliman University. In 2019, he was a fellow for SEAΔ Arts – a program co-created by Mekong Cultural Hub and the British Council. He is also part of the new cohort of the International Fellow for “Future Leaders” – an arts program by the Australia Council for the Arts. Recently, he was awarded a grant from the British Council to help facilitate and deliver the British Council Craft Toolkit to craft communities in the Philippines.
Lola Susing
Rey Denzil Gico introduced himself to Nanay Susing, and from that moment of curiosity and openness, he was able to deepen his visual narrative of her and her fruit stand. He was assisted by Schuntlester Sotero and BVNHS SPA students.

When the pandemic began, Nanay Susing has stopped going to the market and has been staying at home since.

Thanks to this mural and all the energies channeled to it, we can still have a glimpse of her.
Rey Denzil Gico
Rey Denzil Hirro Gico is a Guimbalanon who started joining exhibits in and out of University of San Agustin back in 2002. Gico was a member of Circulo Artists Group and Fine Arts Majors Organization (FAMO), both from the same university. His works are mostly about nature and personal issues. He went on a hiatus from exhibits and commisionning artworks as he pursued on doing production design for local and national festivals. He is currently one of the Production Designers of Dinagyang Festival's Tribu Paghidaet of Lapaz National High School.
Jecko reveals the simplest sources of inspiration:
nature, child-likeness,family, and friends. His work is deeply guided and grounded by the power of his art to keep him in the moment -away from distracting and overwhelming impulses.

Jecko Magallon

Jecko reveals the simplest sources of inspiration:
nature, child-likeness, family, and friends. His work
     is deeply guided and grounded by the power of
             his art to keep him in the moment -
                     away from distracting and
                       overwhelming impulses.



Beyond crowd
Special Thanks to
Villagracia and Buenavista Family | Jay "Bam-bam" Italia | Jay Marmol, Hanneh Banaynal | Rhick Lars Albay and Mr. Rex Aguado
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