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About Us

Kikik Kollektive connects artists with grassroots communities and with each other through the inspiration and aspiration of localization, public spaces, and communal reciprocity.


Formerly known as Artivism Iloilo, Kikik Kollektive has created, curated, and held projects and events that raised important social, environmental, and local issues and concerns. Some of their most notable works are Artivism 3.0: Marka Merkado - murals and site-specific project highlighting the value of traditional public markets and vendors, Si Magbanua kag ang Bakunawa - mural project heralding the underappreciated life and heroism of Teresa Magbanua who has fought against colonization all her life, and Pro-Coast Project in partnership with the Zoological Society of London through which they worked with local youth volunteers in four different areas around Panay Island painting public art for marine education and conservation.

agwat sa dagat mural 2_10.jpg
Our ethos and process

   Having immersed ourselves in art galleries, museums, poetry reading venues, and the academe, we felt the curiosity and calling to also bring art in the streets, for the grassroots, and public spaces. The original plan was to paint murals, yet the intention deepened into designing site-specific, sociopolitical theme-rich, and human-centered design projects.

   Our process begins with immersion – exploring the location through its landscape, energy, and dynamics. Then, we collect questions and clamors. From there, we narrow the narrative to an encompassing theme that serves as a guide for all the murals, performances, workshops, and contests.

   As we design the program, we put the people we work with at the center. The locals take part in developing a dialogue whether it is through painting walls, crafting their contest entries, joining in the workshops, or showcasing their talents in the presentation. We invite our fellow artists and community movers to convene and forge concepts and approaches, then weave these diverse parts into a shared space and philosophy. Whatever we create together represents our suggested solution, our dream, our bigger inquiry.

   Over the years, every Kikik Kollektive project and event reveals to us that unity does not necessarily mean uniformity and oneness can be experienced amidst diversity. Every wall painted breaks another unseen wall.

Major Projects

Artivism 1.0

Artivism 2.0

Artivism 3.0

Artivism 4.0

Artivism 5.0

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