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/ Formerly known as
Artivism Iloilo /
We connect artists with grassroots communities and with each other through the inspiration and aspiration of localization, public spaces and communal reciprocity.

     Artivism 5.0: All Rivers Lead to the SEA would like to tackle issues surrounding river ecosystem and marine ecosystem degradation. It would focus primarily on raising awareness of how human activities directly affect the river and marine ecosystems. The goal is to raise awareness and encourage individuals and businesses to be more mindful of their activities because all the inputs in land goes to the rivers and to the ocean.


     As we are asked to stay distant from each other, artists and changemakers from Iloilo and other countries moved closer, walked into an elliptical path beyond the screen. The murals, music, heartbeats, poems, teachings, meditation, and revolt melded into hope. The program schedule was quirky.


     Suddenly, the elder vendors you see everyday inside the market looked formidable on the walls. The locals gathered to celebrate in poetry, in songs, through dancing, through playing, and most importantly, they laughed and asked a lot of questions.


     Reflecting on the effects of single-use plastic in the local community of Arevalo, splashes of blue filled the walls. Families watched the artists reveal their insights – a whale, octopuses, lots of fish, trash, seahorses, seashells, trash, trash, trash. Then there was Santa Filomena emerging from the depths.


     The palpable energy filled the air as the artivists painted alongside each other despite the scorching days. The walls were black and white but the atmosphere, colorful – poets, break dancers, skaters, musicians, local brands, and curious crowd. With the question, “how does social media impact us and society?”, everyone tried to step out of their comfort zone.



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